Telebelt TB130

Heavy Duty Conveyance, Precise Placement

The Putzmeister Telebelt TB130 is a remarkable and versatile addition to the King Concrete Pumping fleet of concrete pumping equipment. Ideal for mat pours, backfilling, tilt-up projects, bridge decks and slab work, the Telebelt …

  • Easily and quickly clears obstacles on the job site
  • Pours and places material exactly where you want it
  • Eliminates the need for supplemental equipment such as an all-wheel drive mixer truck and skid-steer loader

The Telebelt’s five-section boom, with its fully hydraulic conveyor, has a horizontal reach of more than 126’, allowing it to serve projects with ceiling heights as low as 15’4”. In addition, it can pour and place concrete slumps from 0-12” and aggregates from sand to 4” rock.

The Telebelt’s patented outrigger design makes for quick setup. All materials can be run off the belt, and a carbide scraper system helps keep the job site clean while minimizing waste from washout.

Putzmeister Advantages:

  • Versatile Placement
  • Hopper Options
  • Save Time & Labor
  • Moving On-Site
  • Low Clearance
  • Reversing Placement

We offer a large hopper on site for an additional fee.

Call King Concrete Pumping to learn more about the Telebelt and how it can save you time, material and labor costs.
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